Happy Halloween (Sales!)

Just another short post to bring you all up to speed on some of my favorite Halloween digital game sales found around the ‘net today!

Steam has several games on sale including 80% off the best digital laxative ever:

Amnesia: The Dark Decent is survival horror done right. You have no weapons so you best run, Nancy. Tired of running? There’s hiding. Tired of hiding? There’s puzzles. Tired of puzzles? There’s unsettling… creatures that A) Want to taste you and B) Will drive you insane if you so much as look at them. Good times! Go get it.

Good Old Games offers a number of classic spine tingling horrors including the classic series:

That’s right, Sierra’s classic supernatural psyhco-thriller trilogy, Gabriel Knight is on sale for $2.99 an episode. It’ll set you back 10 bucks, but it’ll be good for you. Go on it’ll put hair on your chest and gibblies in your shivers.

Finally, there’s Direct2Drive’s sale that… sorta has the same stuff on sale that Steam does. But! You can save five cents on another bowel opener:

I think that image says it all, really. So Happy Halloween all, and enjoy your scare!

Until next time, Good Gaming!