Dealing with Gamers Block

Gamers Block is that odd thing that sometimes happens when you’ve got all the time in the world, a handful or more of great video games you’ve been dying to play, and suddenly you don’t feel like playing any of them. It’s the damnedest thing. Some of these games you scrimped and saved to buy. Others you borrowed from a friend. Still others are gems from yesteryear that you picked up at a yard sale for a song. So what do you do when you have all that undisputed ‘me’ time, enough games to choke a small dog, and no desire to dip into any of them? Just follow my handy guide, and you’ll be on your way to gaming bliss in no time.

Step 1) Cull the herd. Look at all those games, goddamn. It’s a whole wall covered in brand names, logos, and carefully planed out box art. How can you possibly make a decision? Well your first step should be to cull the herd my friend. Make a decision on what kind of game you’re going to play. wRPG, jRPG, FPS, RTS, 4X, Platformer, Driving, Fishing, Fighting, Sim, Casual, Puzzle, a short game, a long game, Xbox, PC, PS3, Wii, iOS, 3DS, male protagonist, female protagonist, dog protagonist, whatever. Just pick a category and make a quick list of the games you own in your chosen category. Now that you’ve culled the heard, it’s time to…

Step 2) Choose: Continue a game, or start a game. Ok so you’ve got your titles all laid out. Don’t wuss out here and pick a different category, go with what you got. Now it comes time for another round of decisions. Separate your list of games into games you’ve started, but haven’t finished, and games you haven’t started. Now for each game in the continue list, close your eyes and ask yourself ‘Do I ever want to continue (insert name of game here)?’ If the first answer that comes to mind is ‘no’ then cross it off the list. If the answer is ‘YES! GOD YES!’ Then get to playing, son! If, however the answer is a drawn-out ‘maaaaybe’ then keep it on the list for now. Do the same with the list of games you haven’t started, only ask yourself ‘Do I ever want to start (insert name of game here)?’ Again, no’s go away, yes’ you play, and maybes get to stay.

Step 3) Make the marketing work for you. Chances are that there’s been some sort of marketing for the games that remain on your list. And you can probably find it on the internet without a lot of effort. Well, go forth and get excited, fool! You have the game for some damn reason or another. Rekindle the magic! Hit up YouTube or the ancient, abandoned website for each game, and see what sparked your interest in the first place! Who knows, after that second official trailer or dev diary, you’ll finally be ready to transform and roll out, crack heads into urinals, or get that blessing from Saint Cuthbert.

If you’re still having trouble getting into the game, then maybe you’re just not in the gaming mood. It’s cool, it happens to everyone from time to time. Go take a walk in the sunshine. You know, get some Vitamin D 20 minutes a day cures what ails ya! Or go listen to some music, read a book, watch a movie. Do some laundry… Anything! Just don’t sit there paralyzed with indecision or you’ll waste your whole day.

Until next time, Good Gaming!