Play Abandonware

Previously, I’ve ranted about how much it costs to be a modern gamer. Well being a modern gamer doesn’t mean you can only play the newest releases. You can also play great games from yester-year that are currently available free-of-charge due to copyright confusion or abandonment.

Games in this category are commonly refered to as abandonware, and exist in a legal grey-area. I’m as capitalist as the next guy, but when a company stops enforcing its own copyrights, hey! Them’s free eats.

Mmmm, that MicroProse flavor!

I’d like to bring two great resources to your attention when it comes to obtaining abandonware: Abandonia and Free Game Empire. Typically all you need is the time to search through their archives, the reading comprehension and finger dexterity to download a game, and the willpower to grab a copy of DOSBox. Why it’s such a fun an easy process that I think I’ll feature one piece of abandonware a week. They’re just that much fun.

In closing, let me just say that we’ve got a long and storied history of video games behind us. You have no excuse other than ‘I’m too lazy to play great games from the past.’ or ‘Dear god the graphics/sound effects/story elements make me want to die.’

Until next time, Good Gaming!



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