WotC Digital Day Dreaming

Last week I talked about the dangers of Wizards of the Coast going all digital too soon. Today I want to sit here and dream up a perfect world in which Wizards of the Coast reads my note in class and invites me to sit under the bleachers and make out.

Dear WotC, I think you're dreamy! Do you like me? Yes ( ) No ( )

That went to sort of a weird place. Anyway, here’s what I’d love to see Wizards of the Coast do with digital.

•Create an online, cloud-based content management system with an attractive front end like Steam and include the other elements of the DDI.
•Through this UI, sell content for all editions of D&D. Not just the current stuff, anything you own, throw it up there.
• Make the books cheap. I’m not talking about making them $5.00 off the cover price, I’m talking making them $5.00.
•Have sales often like DriveThru RPG.
•Use a specific file type that can’t be opened outside of the application. Make it so users can’t copy the content out of the UI, but can copy the content within the UI, and share it with friends who also have the application. Give users the ability lend books to each other for an hour or three with a 24 hour cool down so that friends can access the books during games.
•Sell 3rd party content, and take a percentage of the profits in return for hosting and marketing.
•Make this application an App for iPads, Color Nooks, and Kindle Fires.
•Work with a tablet manufacturer to create a dedicated tablet with this Application front-and-center and sell that in retail stores.
•Sell gift cards for the application in retail stores.
•Continue to sell hardback limited editions of core rule books, tokens, minis, and map tiles in retail stores.
•Kill off Wizbook, and buy Obsidian Portal for godsakes, they know how to get players involved in their games digitally.

There. That would be awesome. It would also be expensive as hell, and probably not worth the return. But a man can dream though. A man can dream… What would your ideal Wizards of the Coast digital strategy look like?

Until next time, Good Gaming!



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