Charity Spotlight: Humble Indie Bundle

It is my belief that if you’re a Low On XP reader, you’re a gamer that likes to save money. It’s also my belief that you understand the importance of charity, especially during a recession. If that’s the case, then GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! The Humble Indie Bundle is back, and ready for you save money, play games, and give to charity.

Now in its 5th iteration, the Humble Indie Bundle is a bundle of PC, Mac, & Linux/Unix games from independent studios that are DRM free, and are served up in a pay-what-you-want manner. Think the games are worth $500? Great! Think they’re worth $.10? Great! Think the games are worth nothing? You’re a terrible person and you should feel bad. Very bad. Because in addition to paying for the games, the price you set for the bundle can be split up via handy-dandy sliders between developers and charities like Child’s Play (my favorite) or the Electronic Frontier Foundation (whatever it is they do).

The bundlers behind current humble bundling have bundled additional games into the bundle via dark and occult bundlations. When you pay more than the average donation (less than 5 bucks at the time of writing), you’ll also get the 5 games that were a part of the Humble Indie Bundle 2.5. Head to the Humble Indie Bundle homepage for more information.

If you need even MORE prodding to part with your pocket change to support charity and indie game makers, then you should know that whenever I’ve participated in past humble bundlatory behavior, they’ve sweetened the deal by adding additional games as the time remaining draws to a close. So, what are you waiting for? Give some change and make a change for the best. And, you know, get some awesome games while you’re at it. Win-win.


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