An Introduction to Low On XP

Low On XP is all about being a conscientious gamer in Great Recession Era America, of which there are 5 major tenets:

  1. Don’t be a Dick
  2. Support local businesses
  3. Take care of yourself
  4. Be a hero
  5. Play games

Most of my writing will fall under tenet 5 which will usually consist of Reviews, Opinion Pieces, and Spotlight Articles. I should probably mention that I’ll be writing about games of all types. Board games, card games, tabletop war games, arcade games, PC/console/handheld/mobile games, ARGs, etc. Occasionally I’ll get preachy or ranty with tenets 1 through 4. Occasionally I’ll have a neat giveaway. I hope to have new content on here every weekday posted by around noon PST.

Reviews: Games are reviewed according to my personal preference, and tend to be arbitrary. I don’t go by a percentage system, but by a three-tier scale:

  • Buy It – This game is great, you should buy it and then play it.
  • Skip It – This game is not worth your time, you should skip it.
  • Try It – This game has potential, you should try it out before you buy.*

Opinion Pieces: These come in a few flavors, the most common is ‘Buy THIS not THAT’. In a ‘Buy THIS not THAT’ article, I’ll tell you that one game rules, one game sucks, and why. I’ll usually include links to where you can get more info on the good game.

Spotlight Articles: Most of the games I feature are cheap, free, or too good not to talk about. When it comes to video games, I will rarely talk about Triple-A titles, because there’s a whole industry dedicated to talking about those. I’m here to help you find the diamonds in the rough.

That’s all for now. Until next time, Good Gaming!


*When I say ‘try it out before you buy’ I don’t mean ‘torrent the hell out of it’ do us all a favor and don’t illegally download games. Physically borrow it from a friend, download an official demo, or in the case of a board game try a demo at your friendly local games store.


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